🏆Problem & Solution

With each project output, it focuses on solving some problems in the market with its unique solution proposals. As the VRMARS team, as a result of long-term advanced research carried out by our expert staff, we identified two main problems that hinder projects in Web 3.0, especially in the GameFi sector, and developed our solution proposals.

Problem: Lack of Engagement

Many play-to-earn games suffer from a lack of player engagement and participation, leading to a stagnant ecosystem with little growth and development. Additionally, some games need more transparency and community involvement, leading to player frustration and mistrust in the system.

Unlock the full potential of gaming with a community-driven model

VRMARS addresses these issues by implementing a community-driven metaverse with a transparent governance model. The VRMARS DAO, powered by the $VRM token, allows players to have a say in the project's direction, vote on important decisions, propose new ideas and initiatives, and participate in shaping the future of the VRMARS metaverse. The quadratic voting system ensures a fair and democratic mechanism for decision-making, giving every user equal rights regardless of the size of their token holdings.

Furthermore, VRMARS incentivizes player engagement through a competitive clan system that rewards players for contributing to their clan's experience points. This system creates a positive feedback loop as players strive to increase their individual and clan experience points to increase rankings and receive a larger share of the rewards. The level-based system for equipment and tools, such as the Flamethrower, also provides a sense of progression and accomplishment for players as they work to level up their gear and gain access to new resources.

Problem: Unsustainable Rewarding

One challenge traditional play-to-earn games face is that the reward pools for players are often limited to a fixed amount of tokens or coins. This problem can lead to a situation where early adopters and players with more significant amounts of capital can accumulate most of the rewards, leaving newer or smaller players with fewer opportunities to earn tokens and build their in-game wealth.

Level the playing field: VRMARS is changing the game by sharing wealth with everyone

With VRMARS, however, the economic model is designed to address this challenge by using company profits as the reward pool. This new system creates a sustainable and scalable system where the more players that join and participate in the VRMARS ecosystem, the larger the reward pool becomes, providing ample opportunities for players of all sizes to earn tokens and build their wealth over time.

By utilizing company profits as the reward pool, VRMARS can create a more inclusive and equitable play-to-earn ecosystem where all players have a fair chance to earn tokens and participate in the game's growth. This approach not only benefits players but also contributes to the long-term success and sustainability of the VRMARS ecosystem as a whole.

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