In VRMARS, with each level the Flame Pistol or the Vacuum G acquired users will unlock additional Gem Sockets on their assets. Gem Sockets are special slots that allow users to insert Gems, powerful items that can enhance and improve their Flame Pistols' or Vacuum Gs' attributes.

Each Gem Socket is designed to accept a specific type of Gem. There are four types of Gems, each representing an Attribute: Yellow for Dexterity, Blue for Luck, Purple for Resilience, and Red for Wisdom. By inserting the right Gems into the correct Sockets, users can tailor their Flame Pistol to their own playstyle and maximize its potential.

With the right combination of Gems, users can turn their Flame Pistol into a tool for better earnings from mining.

Unlocking and using Gem Sockets is an essential part of the gameplay experience, and mastering this system can be the key to success.

To upgrade Gems, users can head to the Upgrade tab under the Gems section and burn $VRM to combine three Gems of the same level and type into a higher level

(i.e., three Level-1 Dexterity Gems to one Level-2 Dexterity Gem).

However, there is a certain percentage of Gem upgrades that can fail from Level 1-5. If the upgrade fails, users will lose their Gems.

When users insert a Gem into a Socket on their Flame Pistol, the Gem will have an "Awakening Effect" on the Flame Pistols' base attributes. This means that the Gem will boost the Flame Pistols' base attribute by a certain percentage, depending on the level of the Gem.

For example, if a user inserts a Level 2 Dexterity Gem into a Socket on their Level 0 Flame Pistol, the Gem will boost the Flame Pistols' base Dexterity attribute by 40%. This can give users an edge for a better earning system.

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