Clans in VRMARS are groups of players who come together to work towards a common goal - terraforming Mars and making it a habitable planet. Players can join or create their own clan, and work together with other members to level up their lands and contribute to the overall progress of the clan.

Players can join or create their own clans once they have reached Land Level 10.

Participating in a clan is simple. Players can search for existing clans in the VRMARS Mobile App and apply to join, or they can create their own clan and invite other players to join.


In VRMARS, being part of a clan is an integral aspect of the game. The members of a clan work together to progress faster in terraforming Mars and benefit from the collective experience gained by the clan. To enhance the social aspect of the game, VRMARS has different member types within a clan, each with distinct responsibilities and benefits.

A clan is comprised of a single owner, up to 4 captains, 5 generals, and 90 basic members, with a maximum of 100 members in total.

  • Owner: They have complete control over the clan, including the ability to invite or remove members, promote or demote members, and edit clan information. Additionally, the owner receives the highest percentage of tokens at the end of each month as a reward for their efforts.

  • Captain: Captains are members who have similar responsibilities to the owner, but with a limited scope. They receive a slightly lower percentage of tokens compared to the owner.

  • General: Generals are members who have a limited role in the clan and mainly assist in clan activities. They receive a lower percentage of tokens compared to the Captains.

  • Member: The basic member types of the clan and participate in clan activities. They receive the lowest percentage of tokens at the end of each month, but still play a crucial role in contributing to the success of the clan.

Each member type plays an important role in the functioning of a clan in VRMARS and contributes to the overall experience of the game.


Being a member of a clan in VRMARS offers numerous advantages to players. When a player takes actions such as collecting materials or melting icebergs, they not only earn experience for themselves, but also contribute to the clan experience bar. This not only increases their individual Land XP and Clan XP, but also boosts the clan's progress.

Moreover, clan membership enables players to engage in clan activities, collaborate, and share ideas with others, creating a more social and engaging gaming experience.

The clan leaderboard, which resets each month, ranks the clans based on their accumulated experience and rewards clan members with tokens based on their member type.

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