🔑Citizenship ID

In VRMARS, the Citizenship ID is a unique and non-transferable token that serves as a player's digital identity and membership in the VRMARS community. The platform is responsible for minting the Citizenship ID, which is then used to confirm the player's identity, track their progress, and grant them access to various in-game features and privileges.


The minting process for the Citizenship ID is straightforward and secure. The user provides the platform with their personal information, which is encrypted and stored in the blockchain. This information is used to confirm the player's identity and track their progress and achievements in the game.


Upon acquiring the Citizenship ID, players receive a Land NFT, which they will possess indefinitely, as well as a Flame Pistol and Vacuum G NFTs for collecting resources in the AR system for a limited time of 2 weeks. They will also receive an Oxygen Workspace, which they can use to craft Oxygen Tubes, for an indefinite time.


The Citizenship ID offers various features and privileges that enhance the VRMARS experience. Players can participate in various in-game activities, such as multiplayer battles, trade and marketplace, and governance. They can also earn rewards and bonuses for participating in the game's economy, such as staking and liquidity provision. Additionally, the Citizenship ID grants access to premium features and content, such as special in-game items, private chat channels, and more.

Players with a Citizenship ID can also exercise their right to vote on important decisions and proposals related to the platform's development and future direction. The Citizenship ID provides players with a sense of belonging and ownership in the virtual world, and is an integral part of the VRMARS experience.

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