๐Ÿ”ซFlame Pistol

The "Flame Pistol" is a unique and powerful NFT weapon that players can own in VRMARS. Players can add this valuable item to their virtual arsenal by minting it to earn $VRM. The Flamethrower in VRMARS is a vital tool for players looking to maximize their earning potential.

As a weapon, it provides a powerful means of collecting valuable resources, which translates into $VRM with mechanisms explained in the "Gameplay-Ranking & Rewarding Systems" section. The Flame PistolS' unique visual and audio effects enhance gameplay's excitement, making it a sought-after item among players.

Not only does the Flame Pistol serve as a weapon, but it also plays a crucial role in performing tasks and challenges that require mining in Martian environments.

The level of the Flame Pistol directly affects the damage it will inflict on ice, with higher-level Flame Pistol providing more resources than lower-level counterparts.

This feature not only allows players to earn more resources but also helps them to use their oxygen levels more effectively.

The Flame Pistol leveling system provides a fun and engaging gameplay element that rewards players for their efforts, and drives competition among players to see who can become the most proficient ice-melting specialist in VRMARS.


In VRMARS, both the Flame Pistol and Vacuum G have different attributes that affect various aspects of gameplay.

  • Dexterity (Mining): Dexterity plays an important role in mining resources. Having a higher Dexterity Attribute on either the Flame Pistol or Vacuum G will result in more resources gained from mining.

  • Luck (Fortunaโ€™s Box): Luck attribute determines the frequency and quality of a Fortunaโ€™s Box drop while collectin resources. The Flame Pistol and Vacuum G with higher Luck will have a better chance of receiving Fortunaโ€™s Box drops.

  • Resilience (Durability/Repair): Resilience affects the decreasing rate of Durability. Higher Resilience will result in a slower Durability decrease, which means that the Flame Pistol or Vacuum G will require less frequent repairs.

  • Wisdom (Exploration): Wisdom attribute plays an important role in finding icebergs or mines in the AR system. During resource hunts with Flame Pistol or Vacuum G, which have higher Wisdom attributes, players will find icebergs or mines more often.

Flame Pistol and Vacuum G are two of the main assets in VRMARS that players use for mining resources and earning rewards. Each asset has a set of base attribute points that define their strength and capabilities. However, players have the ability to increase these attribute points by inserting special Gems into the Gem Sockets of their assets. By carefully selecting and upgrading the right Gems, players can significantly enhance the performance of their assets and tailor them to their own playstyle.

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