🏝️Improving Lands

In VRMARS, players have a crucial role in turning Mars into a livable planet. The main goal is to build and terraform the land by using resources gathered in the AR system.

Players need to use the Flame Pistol or Flamethrower to extract "water" from ice caps and the Hose to extract "aluminum" and "iron" from mines.

These resources can be turned into Oxygen Tubes in the Oxygen Workspace, which increase the land's oxygen levels and terraformation index, earning the player Land XP.

Land XP is a measure of how much a player has contributed to making Mars a more hospitable planet. The more oxygen a player produces, the more Land XP they earn. As players accumulate Land XP, they can level up, adding depth and a sense of progression to the game.

VRMARS features a crafting mechanism where players can create workspaces to aid in their terraforming efforts. In the full version of the game, an extended crafting system will be introduced, featuring new workspaces and materials, allowing players to extract and process more resources, further increasing the oxygen levels and terraformation index of the land.

In addition to crafting, players will also engage in research and development to unlock new technologies and resources, upgrade existing ones, and collaborate with other players to advance the state of their colony, in the full version of the VRMARS.

This aspect of the game encourages players to work together, pool their resources, and increase both their Land XP and Clan XP.

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