🧲Vacuum G

The Vacuum G is a powerful tool in VRMARS that allows players to collect valuable resources like aluminum and iron. As an NFT, players can own the Vacuum G by minting it, adding it to their virtual inventory, and using it to gather resources from the Martian environment in the AR system.

Players can use the Vacuum G to extract aluminum from aluminum mines and iron from iron mines. These resources are then used to craft Oxygen Tubes in the Oxygen Workspace, increasing their lands' oxygen levels and terraformation index. The higher the oxygen levels, the more Land XP players can earn.

The Vacuum G is also available for players who choose the Citizenship ID option and is one of the limited-time NFTs players can receive along with the Land NFT and Flame Pistol for two weeks. For players who purchase a Land NFT, the Vacuum G can be acquired for a limited time of one week.

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