🧊Icebergs and Mines

In VRMARS Mobile, the augmented reality system provides players with a rich and diverse environment, including several minable objects. These objects offer players the opportunity to both explore the Martian atmosphere and gather valuable resources through mining.

As players move around the real world, their avatar moves along the map in the game, giving them a sense of exploring the Red Planet.

As players walk in the real world, their avatars will traverse the map in the game in real-time. Upon approaching within 25 meters of icebergs or materials, players will be prompted to interact with them and access a separate action scene. The scene can either be in AR or a different virtual environment, allowing players to choose their preferred option.


An iceberg in VRMARS is a large block of ice found scattered throughout the virtual Martian landscape. These blocks of ice are of great interest to players as they contain water, that can be used to help increase the oxygen levels on the red planet.

The act of collecting these resources from icebergs is known as mining and requires players to interact with the virtual environment through the AR system. By successfully mining icebergs with Flame Pistol or Flamethrower, players can collect water which is a required element to create Oxygen Tube.

In VRMARS, icebergs come in different sizes, with level 1 being the smallest and level 3 the largest. The size of an iceberg is a determining factor in the amount of resources that can be collected from it.

Iron Mines

An iron mine in VRMARS refers to a virtual location in the game where players can extract iron ore. Iron ore is a valuable resource in VRMARS and is necessary for players to increase their oxygen levels and progress towards making Mars a more hospitable place to live. By mining iron with the Hose, players can gain access to this resource and use it to craft essential items in the Oxygen Workspace.

Iron mines are scattered throughout the virtual Martian landscape, and players must explore and search for these locations in order to obtain the iron ore necessary for their survival and growth on the red planet.

Aluminum Mines

An Aluminum Mine in VRMARS refers to a location on the virtual Martian landscape where players can extract and gather aluminum, a valuable resource used to increase oxygen levels and terraform the land. The Aluminum Mine can be found on the map by exploring the virtual Martian landscape and is marked by a specific symbol. To mine the aluminum, players must use the Hose.

The extracted aluminum can then be used to craft Oxygen Tubes, and help progress the player's objectives in making Mars a more livable planet.

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