Workspaces which are limited NFTs, are the crucial component of the VRMARS game and play a vital role in the terraformation of Mars.

By minting a workspace, the basic version of the game offers players access to an Oxygen Workspace, where they can turn the resources they gather into valuable items, such as Oxygen Tubes. These items increase the oxygen levels of their land and contribute to the player's terraformation index, resulting in increased Land and Clan XP.

In the full version of VRMARS, players will have access to an expanded crafting system featuring many new workspaces that allow players to research and create terraformation such as plants, animals, and more. These new workspaces will allow players to extract and process more resources, further increasing the land's terraformation index and enhancing the overall player experience.

Research and development play a significant role in the full version of VRMARS, allowing players to unlock new tools, workspaces, and resources, as well as upgrade existing ones.

This aspect of the game encourages collaboration and encourages players to pool their resources to advance the state of their colony and increase their Land and Clan XP.

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