Land NFTs are a unique aspect of the VRMARS game that provides players with a virtual piece of land on the surface of Mars. These lands are dynamic NFTs with customizable metadata, which records changes to the land like a real-world property. Players can personalize their land with the top brands of the real world, making their experience in the VRMARS metaverse more immersive.


Players can have their own piece of Mars with the option to mint a Land NFT for as low as 0.1 BNB. There are 4 different types of Lands in VRMARS.

  • Disporium (Class 1) Land: This type of land is required for those who want to become a clan owner in VRMARS. It has a large territory and is suitable for showcasing one's power and influence in the game.

  • Spica (Class 2) Land: This land is required for Generals who are the right-hand of the clan owners. It has a considerable land area and is suitable for showcasing one's importance and authority within the clan.

  • Xiun (Class 3) Land: This land is required for Captains in VRMARS. It has a smaller land area than Spica and is suitable for showing one's loyalty and commitment to the clan.

  • Pulaidity (Class 4) Land: This land is for members of the clan. It has the smallest land area among all the classes and is suitable for showing one's support and dedication to the clan.

Each class of land has its own significance in VRMARS and can be used to showcase the power, influence, and loyalty of the players in the game

. The ownership of different classes of land can be an important factor in the game, as it can affect the players' social status and role within the clan.


Owning a Land NFT in VRMARS has several benefits, including exclusive prizes. Land NFT owners will receive Flame Pistol and Vacuum G NFTs (for a limited time of a week),which they can use to gather materials in the AR system. These resources can be used to increase their land's oxygen levels and terraformation index, thus boosting their Land XP.


The crafting mechanism in VRMARS is an essential component of the game, as it allows players to turn the resources they gather into valuable items that can help them increase their oxygen levels and terraform the land.

By doing so, players increase their Land XP, a measure of their contributions to making Mars a more livable planet. Players can level up as they accumulate Land XP, providing a sense of progression and accomplishment. If a player is part of a clan, their Land XP is also added to their clan's experience bar, encouraging players to work together with their clan members to contribute to the clan's success.

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